Friday, September 11, 2009

Melkam Enkutatash

The kids got home from school today and I greeted them with "Melkam Enkutatash!" Luckily I pronounced it correctly and they knew what I was talking about! They were surprised that I knew about the Ethiopian New Year. I asked them what they did on Enkutatash and they said something to do with yellow flowers and a coffee ceremony. One of the twins said they eat doro (chicken) on Enkutatash, but the other two said no, they don't eat chicken on Enkutatash. They showed me how the kids wore drums around their necks and the girls wore dresses. I think maybe there was an exchange of coins or food.

I told them that we celebrate New Year's Day on January 1st. They asked what we do on that day. I went to the pantry and showed them black eyed peas. They said they eat them, too. They asked me, "What else?" I told them no school, no work and usually football on T.V. and good food.

I asked the kids what year it is in America and they answered 2009. I asked them if they knew what year it was now in Ethiopia. They again answered 2009, but I said, "No, do you remember what year it is?" They looked puzzled. I reminded them it was 2001 and today it is 2002 in Ethiopia. They gave me an ah-ha look as they remembered from Ethiopia!

Melkam Enkutatash!


Deeann said...

Your whole family is amazing.

a world invented said...

hi!!! hope you guys had a wonderful trip!
we received our referral on the 15th for a 2 month old and would love to see any pics you might have snapped of her in the infant room. please email me at:
if you get a chance.
thank you!!!

Kristine said...

Happy New Year..a few days late. I hope you are all doing well?

Every day...a little better.

Kristy -Mom To 6 Blessings said...

I lost your e-mail address so e-mail me. :-) Yes, those are the right girls! :-)
Talk to you soon!

J Studio said...

Really enjoyed reading your blog today!!!

Jena said...

It was great to get an update on your family. We had our first post placement visit 2 weeks ago and Andrea said she had just seen you all the week before or so. We are doing pretty good, still have some things to overcome, but feeling more and more like Kebeb is really ours. Keep in touch. Love, Jena Zimmerman

Sparkz said...

fun! Happy fall!