Friday, June 19, 2009

Multi Tasking Post - Need Your Help

1. Thank You #1: A huge shout out to those of you who have shared pictures and even video (thank you Rebecca!) of our kids! They are priceless. It is a huge encouragement to me to do the same for other families when we get back. I really want to re-read all of our comments and send individual thank-you through comments on each of your blogs. I hope I find the time to do it because we really do thank you for taking a few moments to comment.

2. Travel Advice: Any travel advice from you seasoned adoptive parents? What did you forget to take with you to ET that you really wished you had? I have a pretty good packing list, but I know that in the excitement of the next few weeks I will miss something that seems little but could be of huge help on the trip. How did you survive the grueling trip home with your children? It looks like we are staying at the New Flower Guesthouse. Has anyone stayed there?

3. Thank You #2: I entered the blog world wanting to keep our extended family up to date on our adoption and journal a little bit for Yeabsira, Meserat and Haileb. I intended to stay rather anonymous out on the web, never really intending to become a blog stalker, to network with other families or even create amazing friendships with people I may never meet face to face. And yet is has happened, and more! I had read other's blog about their thankfulness about the adoption blog community and thought, "Oh, that's nice." Wow! I get it now! You guys are amazing! Jesus has taught me sweet little lessons through you all and I am so thankful! And as I said before 'Thank You' doesn't seem to express our appreciate and thankfulness for the support we have received. I never thought we would feel such love and caring as we watched our inbox fill up with post comments and emails as well as sweet comments from FB'ers. We are so thankful to share this road with so many others. It makes the tasks ahead feel so much less daunting. While we have read some really great adoption books, the blog community is such a source of support and encouragement. Sometimes it is hard to ask for help, but for the emotional health of our family, I will certainly look to many of you AP's who have experience and not attempt to go it alone.

4. Family Bonding: Last question... we've been encouraged by many to "hibernate" for a period of time upon our return home. While I know children and situations vary greatly (in our case - older child adoption of three kids), how long did it take for you to begin going in public and having visitors into your home?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We Passed!

In God's perfect timing, we became a family of seven today.

It is with great joy and honor that we introduce to you to the newest members of our family...

Ellyn Yeabsira (left)
Corinne Meserat (right)
Haileb Turner (center)
This was the first picture we saw of our children.

And here's more...

Thank you doesn't seem to fully express how we feel for the love and support we have received from the adoption blog world, family and friends.

Now off to check on other's blogs and make a fresh to-do list for travel plans!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not Today... Tomorrow?

Mary called to say that Gladney supplied the requested document to the judge today. However, Gladney supplied a copy and the judge requested the original. And if you are thinking the same as we did, "Why didn't they supply the original!!" Mary said it is common that they supply copies, so it was a little unusual for the judge to ask for the original.


The judge will re-open the case tomorrow. And we pray that there are no more delays.

Dustin and I are thankful for all the encouragement. Patience is not a strength of mine, so I am choosing to use this time as an opportunity to grow.

God's timing is perfect!

Monday, June 15, 2009


We're all wondering if tomorrow will be the day we pass court.  

Madison and I walked this evening after dinner.  While we were walking and talking she asked me if I would wake her up at 2:00 a.m. so that we could pray together for court.  Our sweet Madison.  God is good.

Tomorrow is Sage's 10th birthday and we'll start the day off with serving him breakfast in bed.  Dustin started it years ago for one of my birthdays and the kids look forward to it every year.

Hoping we get to share three new beautiful faces tomorrow.